Ilsan – Bamgasi Burger (Bamgasi, Resturant)

I’ve recently been away from Goyang for a while; I was down in Busan for a month and then I went overseas for a few months so I haven’t been able to keep up with this blog much. However I’m back now and one of the first things I did was catch up with some friends. The great thing about that is that I can combine it with trying out a new eatery so I have something to blog about. Win, win!


I’ve been wanting to try Bamgasi Burger (밤가시버거) for a long time now. I spotted it while I was over in the area about a year ago but just have not had the chance. So when meeting up with a couple of friends it was a perfect opportunity to try it out and also to go to a really nice area in Ilsan that we all love. If you haven’t been over to this area of Ilsan, Bamgasi Village (밤가시​마을 ), then it’s worth the trip. There are lots of great restaurants, cafes and shops to check out.

We went for lunch in the middle of the week and it was quite busy. There is a small waiting area so they obviously have this a lot and we did have to wait for a table (about 15-20 mins). I didn’t think it would be that busy on a weekday but obviously it is a popular lunch spot for the area.

20190716_141404 Edit LR (2).jpg


The restaurant is set up rather like an American diner and the decor has some cute and kitschy touches but the main elements are clean and simple. They have a lot of exposed brick which is offset with white or wooden walls. The front of the building has big windows so it gets a lot of light in and there are also big windows at the back of the shop too. The interior space is not huge but they have maybe just over half-a-dozen tables. They could probably fit more if they crammed them in but they have left good spacing between the tables which is nice.


It’s not a huge menu but I don’t think places like this need a big menu, it’s a burger joint so their seven burger options are more than enough. You can also add things to customize the burgers to your liking. There are four different types of fries to select from and a lot of drink options including Dr. Pepper which my friend was happy about. They do serve a range of bottled beers too.



I like a simple burger so I most often go for something resembling a cheeseburger. I’m not very adventurous.  So I went with the American Cheese Burger and so did one of my friends, the other one went with the Bamgasi Original Burger.

20190716_142028 Edit LR

The American Cheese Burger was very basic and came with a 140g beef patty, American Cheese and grilled onions. The tables all have a bottles of ketchup and mustard on them so you can add your own sauce if you want to. I removed some of the onions as I’m not a huge fan of a lot of onion and then added some ketchup and mustard. Overall it was a good burger. The meat patty was well cooked and tasted really good and the bread they used for the bun was good too (I believe these are handmade on site). This burger was 6800 won.

20190716_142052 Edit LR
American Cheese Burger

The Bamgasi Original Burger came with 140g beef patty, American cheese, dill pickle, onion, romaine lettuce, bacon and a homemade sauce. My friend really liked her burger too. Both of us really like Corner Bistro here in Ilsan, that is our favorite burger local burger joint. I would have to say that Bamgasi Burger would come in a close second. I’m definitely motivated to try more of their burgers. This burger was 8900 won.

20190716_142048 Edit LR
Bamgasi Original Burger

We all got the plain fries and they were good, just very plain. I feel bad complaining about them because there is nothing wrong with them I just prefer more flavor. Of course you can use the ketchup or mustard that is on the table if you like those and that will help out. I think personally I would try the cheese fries next time. We got the Set A which comes with plain fries and a can of soda for an added 4500 won.

Overall this was a good experience; the restaurant is nice and the staff were pleasant. The burgers were cooked well and very tasty. I think that the prices were quite reasonable too. I would definitely recommend it if you live in the Goyang area and are looking to try a new burger joint.

Address: 46 Ilsan-ro, 372beon-gil, Jeongbalsan-dong, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do; 경기 고양시 일산동구 일산로372번길 46



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