Ilsan – It’s Cola (One Mount, Restaurant)

Last weekend I went for a walk over to One Mount. I haven’t been in over a year so I was interested to see what had changed and if there were any new restaurants and cafes. They have added some new places there and they have a whole new area in front of One Mount called Goyang Garosugil. It is still mostly empty but has a few cafes, shops and restaurants that have just opened up. I found a couple of restaurants and cafes that I will have to try out in the near future.

After I walked to the very end of One Mount I came cross this cafe/restaurant called It’s Cola. It is themed after Coca-Cola so of course I had to try it out. And also by then I was starving after walking around all afternoon. I was a bit disappointed to find that it was really just the decor that was cola themed. The food was just normal food and they did serve Coke, obviously, but the only extras they had was a ‘Float Coke’ which is Coke and Ice Cream and a ‘It’s Coffee Coke’ which is Coffee and Coke combination.

I feel like you could do so much more with it. There are many other drinks made by Coca-Cola and you could have slushies with Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke and Lemon Coke. I’m sure there are some cooking applications you could find for coca-cola too. At the very least you could shape things like the bottle, emblem or even the polar bear. A little creativity never went astray. I love themed cafes and I really like it when my food and drinks are themed too.

On the other hand they did have a very impressive array of Coca-Cola memorabilia. It is stacked up all over the walls and counters. There are many different bottles, cans, toys and other bits and pieces. They even have a chandelier made out of bottles which is pretty cool.

DSC01837 Edit LR

There are about half a dozen tables inside and more outside so there is plenty of seating. Most of the tables are quite large but there are a couple of smaller ones tucked away at the front. The menu is displayed prominently outside the shop, behind the counter and they also have bound menus if you ask for one.

I decided to try the chicken sandwich set which came with a bottle of cola and I also got some fries. You order and pay at the counter and then they bring your food out to your table. My food took about 10 to 15 minutes. I didn’t really time it but it was certainly not a long wait.

The fries came out first and you get quite a big basket for 9,000 won. It comes with a mixture of crinkle cut and shoestring fries, some potato smiley faces and two cheese sticks which were really good. This would be a great basket to share. The fries are just basic but were hot, crispy and taste good. They came with tomato sauce but I asked for some mayonnaise and was given some mayonnaise and some mustard. The server was very pleasant and helpful.

DSC01872 Edit LR

The chicken sandwich came lightly toasted with some cherry tomatoes on the side. The sandwich was not bad actually and the only complaint I had was the type of chicken they used in it. It was the kind of pre-cooked chicken breast that you get from the supermarket or convenience store. They usually come in single serve packaging and they have a weird smooth texture to the meat. If this had had some fresh cooked roast chicken in it then it would have been a winner.

Full Menu:

Overall this was a fun place and if you like Coca-Cola then it’s worth a look. I would suggest just getting a drink and some fries for a snack. Enjoy the memorabilia, take a few photos and leave it at that.

Instagram: @it_is_cola_cafe

Address: One Mount, 2606 Daewha-Dong, Ilsanseo-Gu, Goyang-Si, Gyeonggi-Do; 경기도 고양시 일산서구 대화동 2606 (원마운트)

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  1. Nice post! I used to visit Ilsan / Goyang often when I made deliveries for my past Flower and gifts business. This “It’s Cola” place looks really cool and I may check it out with my wife one day. My favorite place in Goyang is Ra Ra Cost (라라코스트). There are at least two locations in Goyang. It is a pizza and pasta place, they also have free soda, and free coffee available. The food is cheap and tastes good. You should check it out whenever you have time.


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