Ilsan – Joshua Burger (Baekseok, Restaurant)

Finally made it to Joshua Burger over in Baekseok-dong, Goyang the other day. My friend and I got up super early to watch a movie at 9.20am. It was the only time that worked for both of us. We are both night owls so it was a big effort but sometimes it has to be done. Anyway we met in Baekseok as it’s in between where we both live and when we came out we figured we may as well get some early lunch.


Joshua Burger is located in the outside area of the Lifestyle Shopping Center – Bella Citta (it’s not inside the actual mall). Bella Citta (벨라시타) is a shopping mall located in the huge Y-City Apartment Complex (일산요진와이시티) in Baekseok-Dong. The outside area is all done in brick giving it the feel of a quaint European town.

This burger place is small but has seating inside and out. The decor is bright and fun with graffiti style art on the walls. You order at the counter and pick your food up there too. The menu is on the chalk board above the counter. It’s all in Korean but they do have pictures for the burgers so you can figure it out if you don’t have much Korean language experience.

Joshua Burger Menu

The burgers were very tasty and I may have to go so far as saying it could be the best I’ve had in Ilsan. I think I will have to do more investigation to substantiate that claim. I feel like you need to go to a place more than once to really get a good feel for it. However I do believe that the meat patty was really well seasoned and delicious so I will give it to them for now.


I got the burger called the ‘Triple Cheese Burger’ which is filled with different kinds of cheese. It’s all melted into gooey cheesy goodness which I appreciate. It was a bit more pricey at 12,500 won and they don’t have sets so I has to buy fries and a drink separately.

Triple Cheese Burger

My friend got their classic Joshua Burger which was also good although she thought it had a bit much lettuce. Hers was a more reasonable 7, 500 won. The burgers were so big they were hard to eat and a bit messy. The buns were not toasted so that contributed to the messy factor as they quickly got soggy. On the other hand they were very filling and I didn’t really even need the fries. The fries were okay but nothing special just fried potato. They lacked flavor so you really need a sauce with them.

Joshua Burger

Overall a good burger joint and we will definitely be going back. I will update this post when I do and include any new information on other burgers that I try.

Address: 1237, Baekseok 1 (il)-dong, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do 경기도 고양시 일산동구 백석동 1237

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