Ilsan – Soupy (La Festa, Restaurant)

Soupy (수피) is a great little restaurant located upstairs (Building A) in La Festa. I recently visited for brunch and was very impressed. It looks like a country kitchen type place and the food has that kind of feel too. Everything looks and tastes homemade (it seems like most of it is made on the premises) and the restaurant is bright, airy, clean and comfortable.

Obviously with the name ‘Soupy’ this place is going to be mainly about the soup. However they do have a range of other options available too. They serve a brunch menu which all come with the Soup of the Day.

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Unfortunately for me on the day I visited recently the Soup of the Day was mushroom which I don’t eat. They were very nice and didn’t charge me for my drink to make up for it.

I decided to go with the cheese omelet which was 12,000 won. When it came out I was a bit put off as it had some weird sauce drizzled over it. I’m not a huge fan of sauces (I think they should all come on the side) at the best of times. So of course I was dubious but I resolved to tried it and found it was actually not too bad. It was quite nice even. Yay me for trying new things.

The omelet was cheesy and tasty and it came with some salad and baked fries. As I mentioned you would usually get the soup also as it’s a set. I think that is an extremely good brunch for the price. They also gave me a couple of rolls with some delicious chunky strawberry jam. It was lovely and a great little sweet end to my meal.



I visited again a few weeks later and decided to try the soup. Since it is called Soupy I felt like I should and I was looking for something simple and not too filling for lunch. I did also order a side of sausages. I was thinking they would be like western sausages just because I was not paying attention. Of course they were not but they were actually still quite tasty.


I ordered the tomato soup because that is the only soup I really like. It comes in a neat dish that has a little place for a tea-light candle under the soup. This is to keep it toasty and warm. Such a good idea.

The soup was quite nice but nothing amazing. It was thick but not chunky and was not too sweet. It came with some bread rolls and they were much too sweet for me. They were the same ones that had come with jam the time before so for me they are more of a dessert thing. I do like to have bread to dip into my soup and luckily my friend had ordered a brunch platter. That came with a couple of slices of bread that was not sweet. She kindly swapped with me as she did not mind the sweeter rolls.

This is a picture of the Soup of the Day that comes with your meal if you order one of the brunches. You can see the size difference between this and if you order the soup separately. This one was a potato soup that came with my friend’s meal.


The staff here are always very pleasant and accommodating. I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a brunch spot. The do also have a lunch/dinner menu too.

Address: La Festa Building A, Level 2, 766, Janghang-dong, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do; 일산동구 장항2동 776번지 라페스타 A동 2층

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