Travel and Transport

Traveling to and from Goyang in Korea is very easy. It is connected to Seoul by the trains and buses. Getting around in Goyang is also easy – buses, subway,s taxis and bicycles are all readily available at affordable prices.

Subway and Rail


Goyang can be reached by Seoul Line 3 (orange) and also the Gyeongui-Jungang Line (turquoise). Technically the Gyeongui Line is classed as a ‘Commuter Rail’ but it’s run on the Seoul Metropolitan Subway by Korail and you can find it on all subway maps.

  • Line 3: Jichuk Station ~ Daehwa Station
  • Gyeongui-Jungang Line: Hwajeon Station ~ Tanhyeon Station

High Speed Railways

  • Gyeongbu, Honam, Jeolla, Gyeongjeon and Donghae: Haengsin Station



There are many buses that service the Goyang area and connect it to surrounding areas.

Types of buses (current adult cash price)

  • Yellow bus: shorter distances (1,100 won)
  • Green bus: connect to commuter points like subways, more stops (1,300 won)
  • Blue bus: longer distances, travel on major roads (2,100 won)
  • Red Bus: express bus, connects the cities and suburbs (2,500 won)
  • M bus: more express, connects cities (2,500 won)

Bus Terminals

  • Hwajeong terminal: located in Deogyang-gu
  • Goyang terminal: located in Ilsandong-gu

To and From the Airport

  • 3300 – Gyeonggi Airport Bus (Red Bus) from Daehwa to Incheon.
  • 7400 – Gyeonggi Airport Bus (Limousine bus) from Daehwa to Incheon
  • 7300 – Gyeonggi Airport Bus (Limousine bus) from Daehwa to Gimpo

Bike sharing

Goyang has a great a bike sharing system called Fifteen Life  (피프틴) which costs around 3,000 won. You can pick up bikes at one rack and then return them to any other rack around the city.

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