Goyang City

Goyang-Si is a city in Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea. It is located to the north of the capital city of Seoul and is part of the Greater Seoul Area. With over 1 million people in residence, it is one of the largest cities in the Greater Seoul Area.

There are three main districts in Goyang. These are Ilsandong-Gu (East), IlsanSeo-Gu (West) and Dukyang-Gu.

Ilsan is the main center of Goyang and this is where you can find many of Goyang’s more prominent attractions such as Kintex Convention Center, Lake Park and One Mount.

In Korean ‘Il’ means ‘one’ and ‘san’ means ‘mountain’ so it literally translates to ‘A Mountain’ and refers to Jeongbalsan Mountain.

For more information:

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